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We`ll Create Top Quality And High PR Edu Backlinks That Will Increase Your Visibility In Search Engines And Google Loves EDU Backlinks

Edu Backlinks

Edu and Gov backlinks are links to your site from another site with .edu or .gov in the URL. Edu/Gov backlinks are the holy grail of backlinks. See when we are backlinking we are trying to get as many links to our website from other sites aspossible. Preferably sites that are relevant to our niche and of high page rank or have authority in the eyes of Google.

Edu and Gov backlinks are eye candy to Google. You see Mr Google loves them and if an edu backlink is linking to your site then Google interprets that as a massive thumbs up for your site and wants to show your site above others that do not have as a many quality backlinks as you.

Why Edu Backlinks?

As everyone knows, there are two kind of backlinks; quantity backlinks and quality backlinks. Edu/Gov backlinks are considered as quality backlinks. See if you can get Edu/Gov backlinks, Google associates you with that site and you benefit off their authority.

What We Do?

Edu and Gov backlinks has a great trust from search engine rather than regular .com, .net and .org links. Because these domain extensions are only given to “accredited” institutions, they are more “trusted” by the search engines. More “trust” is also assigned to the Edu/Gov domains because most of these domains are older and well-established (a major plus in most search engine algorithms – especially Google). Because of that, this service will really help you to get rank your web on search engine.

Highly sought after EDU and GOV backlinks to help push your site up in search rankings, especially Google. You know you need these types of links and we will deliver them to you. This is a great package if you already have some backlinks pointing to your site, and need that extra edge of authority EDU/GOV backlinks which your competitors probably do not have. Often times, this is the missing piece of the puzzle for a healthy and natural backlinks mix.

Once you get your links you can even build links to them or bookmark them for indexing as well as higher PR and page strength. Real .edu; .edu.co; .edu.mx; .gov. Premium Institutions sites. Choose your own keyword anchor text. Full report provided for verification of link placement. All main domains have PR.